We think it is time for a progress update and a preview of what you can expect the rest of this year from us.

When What
End of July 2022 A new build X# 2.13 for our FOX subscribers.
This build will have some changes to the compiler, mostly in the area of the handling of DEFINES and numeric conversions and the /vo4 and /vo11 compiler options.
No real new features are planned for the compiler.
The runtime contains some fixes for FoxPro code and contains some small enhancements.
The VS Integration contains improvements in the formatting and intellisense, Windows Forms editor
End September 2022 We plan to release a new build (most likely called X# 3.0) that is compatible with .Net 5 and beyond.
This requires changes to the build system and VS integration and some changes to the compiler.
We will also additional compile the X# runtime for .Net 5 and beyond.
This build will also no longer be "binary compatible" with X# 2, so new versions of 3rd party components will be needed.
Of course we will still support .Net Framework 4.x
We also plan to release the first version of the VFP Xporter  that takes a VFP project file and converts that to a .Net solution.
October 2022 We hope to meet many of you during our X# summit in Memmingen.
And you can still register for this event.
We will also present a session on Virtual FoxFest about converting FoxPro apps to .Net.
December 2022 We plan to release the final version of the AnyCpu/Unicode VO Compatible GUI Classes and the AnyCpu/Unicode VO Compatible SQL Classes.
A first beta version of the X# SQL RDD is also planned for this month
These runtime components will be for FOX subscribers only.
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